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Maggie Bertsche

Advanced Graduate Intern

Maggie Bertsche has been practicing as a licensed massage therapist and integrative body worker for the past 11 years with a focus on mind-body connections via the parasympathetic nervous system. Currently, she is completing her master’s in counseling psychology at the University of Nebraska- Lincoln with the expected graduation date of Spring 2024. Maggie is a research assistant in the Interpersonal Violence Research Lab and collaborates with interdisciplinary researchers across the arts and sciences to investigate networks of somatic intelligence.

Maggie’s counseling focus is within the area of sexuality and reproductive health. Applying a sex positive framework, she is interested in supporting client’s growth in intimacy and processing sexual identity. She believes understanding body literacy can support the health of the mind. As a Narrative Therapist, Maggie believes therapy can be a dynamic process that invites the mind-body networks into creative expression.

Maggie’s services are not covered by insurance, but investment in your care with her is only $50/hour session.

My Education

University of Nebraska Lincoln

  • Masters in Counseling Psychology (currently enrolled)

Individual Therapy

We utilize “whole-person” psychotherapy and attune to not only what’s going on for you psychologically, but also physiologically, biologically, spiritually, and socially.

Couples Therapy

Our therapists specialize in affair and betrayal recovery and helping couples navigate infertility.

Transition to Parenting

 Therapy is available for women, men, and couples who have found their transition to parenthood has been filled with more emotional complexity than they originally anticipated.