Sikhona Holistic Therapy + Wellness has some important updates for ‘ya!



First and foremost: we’re moving to a larger, more centrally located office…that has an elevator! While I’m sure everyone’s glutes have benefitted from those steep-stairs-as-your-only-option to enter our current building, it’ll be nice to have accommodations for anyone who wants or needs to skip a 65 degree vertical trek.

Our new building at the corner of 40th and Normal…and South. It’s a weird intersection.

Starting January 3, 2022, Sikhona’s new address will be 3883 Normal Blvd., Suite 204, Lincoln, NE 68506. Our new digs will have meditation rooms for clients to use any time before or after their appointments, a sweet kitchen area for tea and coffee, and a space for…








Therapeutic Yoga! Starting in January, we’ll be offering therapeutic yoga for the Lincoln community and beyond (because who doesn’t love a good Zoom option?). All of our yoga classes and individual sessions are trauma-informed and utilize asana (postures) and pranayama (breathing) techniques that focus on fostering healing for the whole person; body, mind, and spirit.

These classes support participants in learning how to notice their bodies, thoughts, and emotions without judgement; honor what their bodies can do without comparison to others; meet imperfection with compassion, and breathe through challenge with confidence. Modifications are offered throughout the practice so that everyone, regardless of experience or current fitness level, can benefit.

While we plan to expand class offerings in the near future, if none of the current class times work for you, consider gathering a group of your friends and scheduling a “For Your Pod” yoga class during any of Vanessa’s regular daytime openings (minimum of 5 participants)!

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We’re growing! Meet our team of compassionate, trauma-informed therapists. We’re all MFTs, meaning we know a thing or two when it comes to supporting couples and families :

Meet Our Team!




And finally, we’re in the mood to keep growing. Sikhona is currently seeking Wounded Healers who are licensed/certified in the areas of psychotherapy, massage, functional medicine, and nutrition to join our emerging collaborative, integrative care team so all of our clients can access truly holistic care. If you know someone who would be a good fit and has a heart to serve, please pass this along!

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