Challenging experiences that exceed our ability to cope at the time, or that disrupt our sense of safety and security in profound or prolonged ways, register in our brains and bodies as trauma. These experiences can occur to any one at any time throughout the lifespan.  While there are many ways of supporting clients in resolving and integrating the invisible wounds of trauma, Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is an evidence-based approach that has shown to be highly effective and efficient.

Our Approach to EMDR

Our therapists’ approach to EMDR is attachment-based and relies heavily upon the safety that is created between client and therapist to be successful.  We also thoroughly assess each client’s history, current level of distress tolerance, and internal resources.  With this in mind, please know even if you are coming in for EMDR therapy specifically, we will rarely if ever begin the reprocessing phase within the first three sessions, at the earliest.

Curious about how EMDR works and what sessions can look like?  Please visit www.emdria.org