Hypnotherapy Sikona Lincoln Nebrask


Hypnotherapy is a goal-oriented mindfulness technique that uses a state of focused attention and heightened awareness to help clients improve their lives. If your mind was a camera, being in hypnosis is like temporarily switching to the telephoto lens. People have leveraged this natural mental ability in various ways for thousands of years. The Mayo Clinic has utilized hypnosis for more than 120 years. Modern hypnotherapy was recognized by the American Medical Association in 1958, and has been endorsed by the American Psychological Association since 1960.

Forget what you’ve seen on TV or in the movies. During a hypnotherapy session, you are always awake, aware, and in control. Hypnosis sessions utilize Alpha and Theta brainwaves. Human beings naturally cycle in and out of these patterns all day long. If you’ve ever been so engrossed while watching Netflix you didn’t hear someone ask you a question, or driven home only to realize you don’t remember the trip, you’ve been in a hypnotic (aka “trance”) state.

Approximately 5% of your mind— the Conscious Mind— is logical, rational, verbal, and time oriented. It is the thinking mind. Its job is to process and work with the exterior world. The other 95% is your powerful Subconscious Mind. It is intuitive, emotional, visual, and timeless. The Subconscious is the feeling/knowing/reactive mind. Its job is to manage your interior world and protect you from harm. When you’re feeling stuck, chances are your Conscious and Subconscious are not cooperating.

Regression hypnotherapy is a structured process which typically takes 3-5 sessions. In session 1, we’ll talk about what hypnosis can/cannot do, clarify and set goals, and do some simple assessments to gauge how flexible your mind is. Subsequent sessions are where the transformational work happens.